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Business identity


The website is the official online store (e-shop) of our business, i.e. the sole proprietorship ALEXIA V. STANIDI , which has its registered office in Piraeus, at 20 Iliou Str., Zip Code 18534, VAT Reg. No 150156835, Tax Office: 1st of Piraeus, and our business is the legal owner and administrator of this website. The Website has been created to display and sell goods marketed by our business. If you wish to contact our business, please email us at or call us on +30 6908889251.
Please read these Terms of Use carefully before you start to use the Website. By visiting and using this Website, you agree to be bound by these Terms and unreservedly accept them in their entirety.




Protection of Minors and Legally Incapacitated Individuals


Use of the website by minors or legally incapacitated individuals is prohibited. The Website may be used by minors or legally incapacitated individuals only with the explicit consent and under the supervision of their parents or legal guardians. Where the Website is used by minors or legally incapacitated individuals, the responsibility shall fall exclusively on their parents or legal guardians.




Our business reserves its right to make improvements or changes in information, services, and, in general, in the material or the entire content of this Website, as well as terminate its operation at any time, with or without notice to the users. Furthermore, our business may amend these terms of use at any time, and such amendments shall take effect upon posting to this Website. In these cases, your continued use of the Website following the posting of changes will mean that you agree to the amended terms.  For these reasons, we encourage the users of the Website to regularly check the Terms of Use of the Website for any changes-amendments. Any amendment to the Terms of Use shall not affect previously placed orders scheduled for delivery or receipt.



Your registration to Our Newsletter is not obligatory for the use of any of Our Services including the purchase of any of Our Products in the e-shop. However, anyone who purchase a Product from Our e-shop, will receive Our Newsletters and advertising material in the email address that will be submitted when places an order. Non- Clients can also register to Our Newsletter Services by submitting their email address in the Newsletter pop ups on the Website. When registering to the Newsletter Service, You consent to receiving emails from Us with promotions on Our Products and Services. For more information regarding Our Privacy please refer to our Privacy Policy page.     
We bare no responsibility if any of Our Newsletters is not delivered to Your email, although We take all due care and reasonable efforts to this end. There may be the case that Our Newsletter end up to Your Spam Folder, therefore please check. In case You do not wish to receive Our Newsletter any longer, or You wish to unsubscribe from Our mailing list, Please contact Us either through the Communication Form on Our Website or unsubscribe through the link that appears in the Newsletter We send to You.



We retain the right to advertise Our Website and Products and Services to other sites of Our choice. You can read more about Our Cookies Policy as included in Privacy Policy page.
We also retain the right to host on Our Website Ads of third parties. The Ads may contain link to website of others. We take all due care and reasonable measures to ensure that the third parties Ads do not contain any material that is illegal, offensive, false or misleading and We do not host any Ads that may contain material threatening, bad worded, pornographic, alcohol, guns, virus, gambling and generally context and material that is against ethics and the law. We examine all Ads to be in line with our User’s community and to respect the individual’s rights. We have monitoring controls in order to trace any Ad that is against the law and the above, however, We cannot guarantee the legality or the appropriacy of the Ads, while at the same time We retain the right to decline any Ad for any reason, at Our sole discretion.   


External Links

Our Website may contain links, hyperlinks and or banners that lead to other websites owned and operated by third parties. These other websites may contain information and adopt Policies that are different to Ours, therefore We bare no responsibility for the practices used by those third parties and the information provided by them. You must read and understand their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies before entering those websites, since We do not control it.  We don’t endorse the sites we link to and We’re not responsible for their content or liable for anything that happens to you if you use them.


By using the Website and the Services herein, You agree to receive e-communication messages by Us and that electronic communication between Us abide to all legal requirements for the written electronic communication for the purpose used. For any complaints, comments, proposal, inquiries, etc, You must contact us through Section “Contact” on the Website.

Social Media

Users and Members and Clients can follow Our Company on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest (hereinafter the “Social Media), to learn about Us, check Our news, place Your comments and follow Our promotional campaigns. Any Products, Service being offered by Us through the Social Media are subject to the General Terms, unless otherwise agreed. We do not have any access to Your Social Media Accounts, and We do not control Your interaction with the Social Media, therefore we bare no responsibility for any action and/or omission on behalf of the Social Media. For this reason You must read carefully the terms and Conditions of the stated Social Media.   




Copyright/ Intellectual Property


Except where expressly provided otherwise, the copyright and contents of the website, including the author’s rights, trademarks, logos, trade names, and other brands, as well as all kinds of materials or information included therein, shall be the sole property of our business or the property of third parties contracted with our business and protected by the relevant provisions of Greek Law, European Law, or International Treaties.
Copy, use, reproduction, modification, change, editing, sharing, distribution, sale, or transfer of the material of this Website, in whole or in part, and, in general, any exploitation of any part of its contents, is prohibited,  without express prior written permission by our business. However, the user may print, copy, or download contents for personal (non-commercial) use.




Disclaimer of Liability


Our business shall in no case be liable for any damage that may be suffered as a result of the overall use of the Website or for technical problems that may be suffered while accessing or navigating our online store, which are exclusively associated with third-party acts or omissions or with the operation and compatibility of their infrastructure. Our business shall make all possible efforts so that the information provided through this Website is accurate. However, it shall not guarantee the accuracy, exhaustiveness, or completeness of information or material, and it expressly excludes any and all liability for errors or omissions with respect to such information or material. With regard to products sold by our business through the Website , the advertising of these products thereon constitutes an “invitation to treat” and not a guarantee of stock availability and/or adequacy of advertised products. The display of products on its e-shop does not imply that our business shall be responsible for or guarantee the availability of such products. However, in case of limited availability or unavailability of a product, our business shall be bound to promptly, and within a reasonable time period, notify the client/user of its e-shop thereof. Any links to other websites are provided only to facilitate visitors and should not be interpreted as endorsement thereof by us. Our business shall not be responsible for the contents of such websites, e.g. with respect to data privacy, since they are beyond its control. It is the sole responsibility of users to be informed of, review, and accept the terms and conditions for use of such websites.


Responsibility of the User


The client/user of the website hereby accepts and agrees to be bound by these Terms of Use when using the e-shop of our business.
More specifically, the users of our website accept and agree not to use the e-shop of our business for the following indicative actions:
a) send, publish, or in any way share content that is in any way illegal;
b) send, publish, or share via e-mail or in any other way content they are not entitled to under the law or a concluded contract (including but not limited to all kinds of confidential information or information obtained as part of employment relationships or information included in confidentiality agreements or content in breach of copyright);
c) send, publish, or in any way share material created to cause damage to or poor operation of the Website, such as for instance viruses or any other electronic code or software that may harm or disrupt or destroy the operation of files or programs of any computer software or hardware;
d) install and in any way promote any advertisement or spam messages, chain letters, and any other form of unsolicited content;
e) send, publish or in any way share content in violation of the Law or good faith and fair dealing;
f) defame, insult, harass, threat or violate the legal rights of third parties;
g) send, publish or in any way share content intended to mislead a third party as to the origin of the content of the Website; and
h) use this Website in any way that violates national or international law.
The client/user accepts and agrees that they shall not proceed to acts or omissions that may cause damage and lead to the poor operation of the e-shop of our business, impacting in any way the seamless operation of its e-shop and causing any kind of damage to the business.
Finally, you should comply with essential transaction security rules when navigating the web, as well as regularly change your password.




Products and Information


We via the Website/ Online Shop, display, promote and sell only to consumers, our products, which include bags and other fashion accessories (the “Products”).
All information related to the Products displayed on the e-shop are true, accurate and up to date and the photographs are true and realistic photos of the Products, however, all the above warranties are subject to technical and/or typographical errors, which cannot be foreseen or checked, or may have been made due to malfunctions of the Website or due to force majeure events, out of our control.
As far as the availability of our Products is concerned, we take all appropriate technical and practical measures to ensure that this information is accurate, however we expressly reserve any liability arising out of false information as to the Product availability, since the updates are received within one (1) day from the time an amendment has been made.
We reserve the right to choose the Products we display, promote and sell on our e-shop, whereas we have to right to amend from time to time the Products or to remove or replace some of them, without any warning or prior notification to you. Same applies to any offers, sales prices, or invoicing process since such right lies within our own control and discretion.
All Products are displayed, promoted and sold only for your personal use and not for your commercial purposes.


Order Policy


Before the client finalizes any order placed on our online store through the shopping cart, they may modify it; in particular, by selecting the Shopping Cart, the client may remove any product placed therein, as well as modify the quantity of products they wish to buy, either by adding or removing any of them.

To conclude your Order, You have to provide Us with some personal details regarding the payments, delivery etc. More precisely you add your name, surname, email address, mobile telephone, Shipping Address, Shipping Postal code, Shipping City, Shipping Country, Shipping Comments (Optional).

The client can also place an order to e-shop by calling/texting to the telephone numbers. Or contact through our official social media accounts indicated to the website All such “OFFLINE” orders are received from Monday to Friday from 09:00am – 19:00pm. During the order call/text you describe the product you wish to order and you submit to us your payment details as well as delivery information. By submitting a telephone/text order you accept the present Terms and Conditions and policies contained therein, including the Privacy and Data protection Policies.  These Terms and Conditions apply to all offline orders.

If upon receipt of Your Order, We notice that there is a lack of any the ordered Products or there is an unexpected delay in its delivery or a Product is not available or any other issue that makes it impossible to execute Your Order in its entirety, or there is a force majeure event, We will contact You at the contact details that You have notified Us on Your Order, to agree with either an amended Oder, or cancellation of Your Order. We hope that We will be able to reach You, however, if in any case this communication with You is not possible within two (2) working days from the day We have notified You that We have received Your Order, We will send You an email notifying You that We can only execute part of Your Order while We cancel the part of the order which cannot be executed by Us. As a result, this email as per above, will constitute the notification email that We have received a revised Order which will be executed. In case You have already paid for the whole Order, We will return to You the amount that corresponds to the Products that have been cancelled, the soonest possible. 

Important Legal Notice: Please note that completion of the online checkout process along with the acknowledgement email that We have received and are processing your order, does not constitute our acceptance of your offer to purchase products from us, even though on the acknowledgement email of your offer, the voucher number allocated by the courier, is depicted. Our acceptance of your order will take place only when we take payment from you (i.e. when your card is credited, and dispatch the product(s). Prior to dispatch of the product(s), We have the right to decline an order for any reason, including legal and regulatory reasons. It is specified that if your order confirmation message does not include some of the products contained in your order, such products are not part of the sales contract between us. If we cannot supply you with the product you ordered we will not process your order, or If we cannot supply you with any product of your order, we will execute the order without those products, we will inform you of this in writing (including email) and, if you have already paid for the products we cannot deliver, refund you in full as soon as reasonably possible. 


Payment Methods



All credit/debit card transactions are performed in Stripe’s secure platform accepting Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Amex, and Diners. Our payment pages are served securely using Transport Layer Security (TLS). For more info regarding payment transactions security, please refer to Stripe’s official page.

We state that no bank personal account information is collected by Petalooda. 


​Payments from PayPal Accounts are also welcome. In addition, Paypal platform supports credit/debit cards without the Paypal account requirement. For Paypal security policy, please refer to Paypal official page. We state that no bank personal account information is collected by Petalooda.


Paying cash on delivery is available only in Greece for orders up to 500 euros. Payment will be collected at delivery of the order by the driver. 


Shipping Policy


Place of delivery

Products are delivered to the address declared in the Order Form either in Greece, Cyprus, or abroad.

Means and Time of Delivery

Delivery schedules depends on several factors and there may be delays not attributed to Us. Please read below the conditions applicable in delays. In the Order Form, you can choose either to have them delivered to you or collect the Products yourself. Subject to any force majeure conditions or conditions for which we do not control, the followings apply:
Your Products will be delivered as follows:

a)Within Greece: Products are delivered within five (5) – ten (10) working days.
b)Cyprus, Abroad: Products are delivered within 10-15 working days.
It must be noted that the cost of delivery varies depending on the destination as per above. For more information about the delivery costs, please visit Section «Cost of Delivery».

Important notice: All Orders submitted until 3pm. (Greek time), are processed on the same day, otherwise on the next working day. All Orders submitted after 3pm on Friday (Greek time) or during the weekend, are being processed on Monday morning.
The above time schedules may not be applicable in force majeure cases, which may affect the time of delivery.
All Orders are being delivered through the courier company we co-operate with. However, in case of different courier/other delivery method requested, this shall be submitted with the order. In cases You have a problem, or you have any inquiries, please contact Us.
Products are delivered between Monday – Friday from 09:00a.m. till 18:00pm.   


Delays on Delivery

We take all due care for the proper and due delivery of the Products; however, we cannot guarantee it in the below indicative cases (a) the Product has not been delivered to us due to unforeseeable delays or (b) due to force majeure cases, (c) the Product/raw material is in lack. In such cases We will contact You to ask if you want to have the rest of the Products delivered to You without the missing one or the one that will be delivered with delays or to propose you an alternative or to inform you about the time of the delivery of the Product in question. If you are not satisfied with our proposals, You have the right to cancel the Order partially or the as a whole and We will return any money you may have paid Us. In any case you can contact us at, where you can also cancel your Order.     


Liability Upon Delivery

We inform you that we are the sole responsible for any damage and or loss of the Products till You (or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by You acquires physical possession of the product);
If You are not present at the time of delivery in the address You have indicated to Us on the Order at the time that the delivery of the Goods has been scheduled, courier, will try two (2) more times to deliver the Goods. In case of failure of delivery, all Goods are returned to Us and the failed delivery is considered as Your refusal to have the Goods delivered to You. It is agreed, as an exemption to the rule above, that in such cases You are the sole responsible for any loss or damage of the Goods since the Goods are kept according to the courier’s terms and conditions and upon Your cost.


Cost of Delivery


The following delivery fees scheme is applied:
Greece: 3 € for Attica Region, 5 € rest of Greece. FREE shipping for orders more than 100€. 

Cyprus: 15 €. FREE shipping for orders more than 200 €.

Rest of World: 45 € for orders up to 200€, 25€ for orders of 200-400€, FREE shipping for orders more than 400€. 


Return & Exchange Policy


We at Petalooda want each of our customers to be very happy with our products. If for some reason there is a problem with your order, we will happily work with you, as we strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction.  Please note that all exchanges and returns can only be processed for products in unworn, unwashed and original-factory condition, with complete packaging and accompanying documents, and must be done within the time frame stated below.


Right to Withdrawal


You may withdraw, without giving any reason, within fourteen (14) calendar days from a distance purchase. In particular, you have the right, within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date of receipt of a product (except customized orders that cannot be returned in case of non defect issue), to return it in the exact same condition that they received it in (brand new, unused, and unopened) and on condition that the product shall be accompanied by all documents serving as proof of the transaction. 
The cost for return of a product through any courier company or post office selected by the client/sender for return to our business shall be entirely borne by them and not covered by us. Furthermore, the client/sender shall be solely responsible for any damage, destruction or loss suffered by the product during transfer and until its receipt by our business.
For any case of product return, i.e. exercise of the right to withdrawal, and before expiry of the period of fourteen (14) calendar days, please e-mail us at the below address the completed withdrawal form and contact our business either by calling us on +30 6908889251, or by emailing us at:
Insofar as there is no reason to refuse the return, our business shall proceed, as soon as possible, and in any case within ten (10) business days of the receipt of the returned product, to the refund of the amount you paid for this product by making a deposit to your bank account.

Return of Defective Products and Return of a Non-ordered Product

Where, upon its receipt by the client, a product is found to be defective, or where a client finds that the product delivered to them is different to that ordered, the client may return it to our business. The return may take place after you contact us about the method of return, either by calling us on +30 6908889251, or by emailing us at:, and the return cost shall be borne by our business.
In such an event, the defective or unordered product may be returned by the client themselves at the shop of our business, which is located in Piraeus at 20 Iliou Street, Zip Code 18534.
Products considered to be defective, as well as unordered products, may be returned within seven (7) calendar days of their receipt from the client. These products must be returned to our business in the excellent condition they were in when you received them (unused and in perfect packaging) and on condition that these products are accompanied by all documents serving as proof of any transaction.
Defective products, once received by our business and checked by us, shall be repaired (if applicable) or replaced by a new or similar product. Where a client does not wish to get a repair or replace the product, the amount paid by the client for this product shall be refunded in the same way the original transaction was performed (bank account deposit).
As regards products not ordered by the client, once they are received by our business and after it is verified that they do not correspond to those ordered by the client, the order placed by the client shall be performed again with the products the client has selected and purchased in the first place. Where a client does not wish to perform the order and receive the product(s) ordered, the amount paid by the client for this product shall be refunded through bank transfer.




Data Privacy


All information relating to the collection and processing of personal data concerning the visitors to our website are thoroughly discussed in the Privacy Policy which the clients/users of should read before the start using it. We encourage you to regularly check our Privacy Policy for any changes -amendments thereto, in order to be updated on the collection and use of your personal data, their period of retention, your rights and all information relating to your data. To quickly access our website’s Privacy Policy, click here.
Should you have any question about the terms of use, you may contact our business, either by calling us on +306908889251, or by emailing us at:




Applicable Law – Other Provisions


The above terms of use of the Website, as well as any change or amendment thereto, shall be governed by National Law, European Law, or relevant International Treaties. Any provision of the above terms found to be contrary to the above legal framework or rendered ineffective shall automatically cease to be in force and removed from the present terms, however, without prejudice to the other terms. No amendment to these Terms of Use shall be taken into account or be part of the agreement unless in writing and expressly incorporated therein.
This is the agreement between the sole proprietorship ALEXIA V. STANIDI and the user.
It is expressly agreed that any disputes that might arise from the application of the above Terms of Use (as well as from the overall use of the Website by the user), insofar as their out-of-court and amicable resolution is not made possible, shall be governed by the Greek Law and subject to the sole jurisdiction of Greek Courts and, in particularly, the Courts of Piraeus.
For any communication or information (particularly with respect to the use of copyright), you may contact our company by emailing us at or calling us on +306908889251.
In this website, the terms “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to the sole proprietorship ALEXIA V. STANIDI.

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