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About Petalooda

A story of rebirth

Everything comes from something. My starting point was a paper discovery. A technique with roots in Mexico that allows the creation of objects by folding recyclable paper. It began with a bag, which evolved technically and aesthetically and finally became loved by many people. As a little caterpillar began its journey into the world. Nevertheless, my desire for something innovative and more personal in combination with my deep love for creativity and experimentation, were the motives which wove a cocoon. And inside that cocoon the small paper caterpillar was transformed into something more special. That cocoon was the milestone that gave it its own identity. From now on, taking the shape of a Petalooda (butterfly), it follows its own course and awaits for those who will let it land in order to filling with color, style and optimism their daily routine. Whether it is Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter…

A Petalooda will always fly among us!

Hope you enjoy your visit at our store!

Alexia Stanidi

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